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EP #65: Kaplan Orthodontics - Do Braces Cause Cavities? with Dr. Jason Kaplan

EP #65: Kaplan Orthodontics - Do Braces Cause Cavities? with Dr. Jason Kaplan

December 18, 20231 min read

What Makes Kaplan Orthodontics a Good Neighbor…

At Kaplan Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on being a friendly, entertaining, and quality-committed practice. As the #1 Invisalign provider in Dunwoody for adults and teens and an established history of excellence for close to 20 years, Dr. Kaplan has been highly sought out for his skills in treating patients with clear aligner therapy. Our team members are all highly trained and hand selected by Dr. Kaplan himself, to help provide the best orthodontic care for each and every patient, and ensure the best results possible. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about delivering a memorable experience from the minute you walk through our doors. With flexible appointment times and payment plans, getting the smile you deserve has never been easier!

Do braces cause cavities? This thought-provoking question forms the backbone of our lively discussion with Dr. Jason Kaplan, our trusted expert from Kaplan Orthodontics. Pouring light on this common misconception, Dr. Kaplan helps us understand the complex relationship between braces and cavity formation. He expertly breaks down how food particles and bacteria interact in our mouth, leading to cavities and how braces, acting like ledges, can serve as platforms for these bacteria to accumulate.

This episode is not only an enlightening discussion about braces and oral hygiene but also a wake-up call for better tooth-care practices. Whether you're wearing braces or know someone who is, this episode is a must-listen. So, grab your toothbrushes and let's get to work on keeping those pearly whites healthy!

To learn more about Kaplan Orthodontics, go to: https://jkaplanortho.com/

Kaplan Orthodontics
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